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AI-Powered Platform

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Caryfy AI is the AI first, cloud based all-in-one software platform for Medicaid care providers that simplifies administrative tasks and ensures regulatory compliance.
Trusted by leading Medicaid based HCBS providers

Dive into how Caryfy’s AI-Driven platform makes a difference for you.

Make your work easier with an integrated Paper-Free ecosystem that lets everyone work properly together without causing stress or disruption to your existing processes.

HCBS Provider Agencies

Streamlines your workflows, reduces the administrative burden, and ensures regulatory compliance.

Specialty medicaid waiver providers

Minimized risk of regulatory issues, AI-driven compliance tracking tailored to specific waiver programs, automated administrative tasks and customized care plan management for specialized clients.

Case Management Providers

Enhanced ability to assess and manage client needs, simplified case management and documentation processes, improved quality standards and compliance.

Adult Day Health Providers

Better insights into client progress and outcomes, simplified billing and reimbursement processes, and improved management of staff and resources.

Personal Care Home Providers

Alleviate the complexities and frustrations that stem from handling Medicaid waiver requirements, dealing with inefficient manual processes and fearing non-compliance repercussions.
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Save Money And Make Everyone Happy.
Absolutely Paper Free
AI driven specialized software
designed just for you.
Increased efficiency, productivity and streamline your workflows