Empower your operations with Caryfy’s AI-driven powerful features.

Caryfy Features

Streamlined Solutions for RNs, LPNs, and Care Agencies

Faster Approvals, Billing, and Payments! Transform your workflow and get paid faster than ever!
Saving time by automating timesheet approval, billing and payments

Timesheet Approval

Let your RNs and LPNs approve time sheets, medication change forms and other documents electronically without having to wait for paper based timesheets. Now you can bill for the services sooner.
icon of timesheet approval in caryfy mobile app
icon of electronic billing in Caryfy

Electronic Billing

Doing billing has never been this easy before. Leverage the industry’s most advanced billing engine to speed up your invoicing process and get done with error free invoicing in minutes, and not in days or weeks.

Credit Card and ACH Payments

Apply multiple methods of payments to invoices with our in-built integration for payment processing and get paid as fast as the next business day (subject to account approval by payment processor).
icon of Credit Card and ACH Payments
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