Empower your operations with Caryfy’s AI-driven powerful features.

Caryfy Features

Streamlining Compliance & Workflows for Modern Caregiving Agencies!

Convert paper forms to digital with ease, integrate EVV seamlessly, and generate audit-ready reports in seconds.
Saving time by automating manual processes

Custom Forms

Convert your paper based forms into digital intake forms with pre-populated data (offered at a minimal fee). You can add digital signature to these forms or print them for adding ink based signatures. You can use them to create client care records, employment related documents or any thing that your business workflow needs.
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EVV integration caryfy AI

EVV Integration

Electronic Visit Verification has been around for some time now and Caryfy is compatible with the EVV integration requirements for most open states in the USA. All the other benefits you get with Caryfy are extra.

Survey Reports Management

You can generate most common reports asked for during a routine state Medicaid compliance audit with a few clicks. Maintaining accreditation has never been this easy before.
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