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Transforming Medicaid Care with Seamless, All-in-One Platform

Meet the team that’s revolutionizing care management for home- and community-based long-term care by Medicaid providers.
Empowering Medicaid providers and their entire care team
Our team is driven by a purpose we think everyone can agree on simplifying and improving the care our loved ones receive in their own homes and communities. To fulfill this, we've developed an end-to-end software solution that seamlessly connects your entire care network for simplified compliance management and financial health.

Ultimately, we're empowering care providers to achieve better outcomes with transformative technology and data insights. By eliminating "Care Confusion" through "Care Streaming," we help you focus on what really matters: excellent long-term care with sustainable business workflows.


Our mission is to simplify care coordination, save you time, effort, and money, and improve patient care. With CaryfyAI, you can increase your financial health as a care provider, improve Medicaid compliance, avoid overwhelm, streamline documentation, expand service offerings, and increase client enrollment.


We believe that the future of long-term healthcare and home and community-based healthcare is interconnected and should be a continuum delivered through traditional and emerging care modes. CaryfyAI makes this personalized, predictive, and purposeful.


We are driven to reduce the administrative burden on care providers, enhancing their ability to provide the quality care our loved ones deserve in the place they call home, whether it's their own home or a long-term care facility.


Join our close-knit community.

Every single member of our team brings a unique perspective to the challenge of modernizing the long-term care industry. Our success depends on both the tireless dedication and the positive attitude that our team exhibits every day.
Join our close-knit community.
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Join Our Team


Fostering a welcoming workplace.

In every CaryfyAI location, we're committed to upholding the standard of diversity, equity, and inclusion to create a workplace where every employee can bring their best selves to work. We are a remote workplace and encourage you to apply to work with us from anywhere in the world.
Meet our executive team.
We have a track record of understanding how technology can revolutionize an industry, and we're bringing those benefits to our Medicaid providers. We know how to build a great team, scale a SaaS business, create channels, and service startups to enterprise customers.
We are passionate about the present and the future of home-based care for Medicaid recipients and how exceptional technology and a great team can provide better outcomes - for patients, providers, and payers.
pic of Anand Chaturvedi

Anand Chaturvedi

Founder, CEO and Care Business Coach, who has personally trained thousands of care providers.

Anand is a passionate innovator and leader in the field of healthcare technology. He has founded and grown two successful software companies that significantly improved home and community-based healthcare services, leading them to be market leaders. His commitment to enhancing long-term care through capacity building among care providers in resource-constrained settings led him to co-create the Deerghayu Foundation, a charitable organization aimed at promoting innovative education solutions in low-income regions. With Caryfy.ai, he is determined to eliminate the "Care Confusion" and streamline the care coordination process, saving time, effort, and financial resources for care providers.
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