Empower your operations with Caryfy’s AI-driven powerful features.


Electronic Visit Verification

Real-time digital recording of every visit. No more manual logs or tedious paperwork. Ensures pure accuracy for caregivers and patients alike.
As part of CaryfyAI's comprehensive care coordination platform, our EVV technology is tailored to meet state and federal requirements and exceed them, offering you an all-in-one system.
With our user-friendly and mobile-ready platform, caregivers can seamlessly clock in right from their smartphones. Meanwhile, administrative teams get real-time access to data with improved accuracy. At Caryfy AI, we don't just provide software; we provide a reliable partner that supports your mission to deliver the best in-home care. Let's simplify maintenance together for your agency with Caryfy.ai's EVV solution.
Caryfy.ai brings you an unmatched ease in care coordination for long-term Medicaid providers. Our software solution, with its built-in 'Care Streaming' technology, has been developed to make your operations not only compliant but also significantly more efficient than ever before.
Benefits of Caryfy.ai Care Coordination Software with in-built 'Care Streaming'
Our seamless solution captures and integrates all data from every facet of your operation directly into your provider network's workflow.

Empower your care providers

they can complete care coordination tasks right from our user-friendly interface, swiftly check their schedules, access patient information, and communicate with your team through secure mail.

Nurses and case managers can co-sign documentation when required.

Live monitor care delivery and get alerted for any scheduling conflicts, missed visits, or medication slips.

Accelerate Billing and Medicaid reimbursement processing (Data is automatically integrated into Billing and payroll).

Streamlined Care Coordination with Caryfy.ai

At Caryfy.ai, we know that when you manage care coordination tasks outside of your network management software, you may have to re-enter data. This can lead to errors and a waste of precious resources. However, our software is designed to integrate all of your processes into one easy-to-use system. All the information for each scheduled task — about the patient, care provider, and service provided — is already built-in. So your provider doesn't have to re-enter information, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
Simplified Care Coordination
Caryfy.ai offers a comprehensive software solution for long-term care providers. Our features provide real-time monitoring of care delivery, notifying your network of any issues in a timely manner ensuring that you stay compliant and informed while avoiding any potential loss of revenue.
Our solution is integrated within a robust care coordination software solution. Data captured flows seamlessly into the total care coordination system. The moment a provider completes a task, the system is instantly updated with start and end times noted. The task is then marked as completed. Now, the job is ready for Billing and payroll.
Caryfy.ai is designed to give your network a heightened level of workflow that ensures efficiency and accuracy. We help you eliminate inefficient practices that cost agencies time and money while raising the possibility of costly errors that can risk reimbursement and provider solvency. With Caryfy.ai, simplicity is not only power but also profitability.
Caryfy.ai makes work life easier for both administrators and care providers. The benefits of having 'Care Streaming' fully integrated within Caryfy.ai's software system begin with the fact that Caryfy.ai already houses task information from the moment the provider starts a task. Upon their arrival at a patient's home, providers can simply press "Start Task" and proceed with patient care. Caryfy.ai's solution removes these burdens from providers with a centralized interface designed for both network admin and provider ease. Providers can use Caryfy.ai on their device of choice.
Our system generates patient-specific reports derived from your network's tasks. Administrators and case managers can monitor task completion directly from Caryfy.ai's interface on their device, simplifying processes and creating assurance that care was implemented accurately and on time.
Caryfy.ai is not solely a 'Care Streaming' solution. Additionally, it is a powerful software for long-term care providers. Caryfy.ai is designed to operate as a complete system for care coordination, covering the entire financial, clinical, and operational aspects of a long-term care provider network.
Excellence, Efficiency, and Financial Success
Caryfy.ai offers all the features and functionality for your network to reach the next level:
  • Billing
  • Electronic Medicaid claims
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Customizable forms and reports
  • Streamlined scheduling and referrals
  • Dashboard with visibility settings
  • Integrated Secure Messaging
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Staff training on Medicaid waiver requirements
  • ICD10 codes
  • Quality assurance
  • Communication log
Mobile-Ready Web-based Platform – Connectivity with Any Device
Caryfy.ai's flexible implementation methodologies allow you to choose the features you and your employees need to realize peak productivity. Caryfy.ai's Care Coordination Software is a fully mobile, browser-friendly solution. Caryfy.ai's point-of-care features can be scaled to any device.

Care providers can access Caryfy.ai using their smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
Solutions By State - Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
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