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Medicaid waiver program

Structured Family Caregiving (SFC)

Specifically designed for Medicaid home and community-based services in Georgia
Caryfy is the ace up your sleeve, the game-changing tool that puts you back in control of your SFC program in Georgia.
Welcome to Caryfy, the premier B2B software solution specifically designed for Medicaid home and community-based services in Georgia. Are you an in-home health care agency in Georgia? We understand your unique challenges and have designed Caryfy specifically to address them. We're here to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them.
Let's dive into how Caryfy makes a difference for you.

Communication management

with client’s family members who wish to be family caregiver and case management is often a struggle – juggling client/ family demands, handling complaints, maintaining high-quality communication, and building strong, lasting relationships with everyone. Caryfy’s built-in CRM capabilities to record interaction with case managers and prospects help streamline these tasks, allowing you to focus on what you do best – caring for your clients.

Reports and notes for SFC clients

We also understand the challenges that come with maintaining daily client reports and notes for SFC clients. With Caryfy, you can streamline your documentation process, maintain comprehensive records, and ensure the highest level of client care.

SFC compliance requirements

With Caryfy, you have a partner that understands Georgia’s specific compliance requirements for SFC. Our built-in compliance reports are designed to ensure adherence to these regulations, reducing the risk of costly fines or penalties. Rest easy knowing that Caryfy has you covered.


And let’s talk about billing. We know how complicated and time-consuming it can be, especially for SFC clients. With Caryfy’s one-click billing file export feature, you can simplify this process, save time, improve accuracy, and make your financial operations a breeze.

Caryfy provides a streamlined, paper-free workflow for your SFC programs in Georgia.
Remember, Caryfy isn't just a software solution; it's your partner in care, committed to helping you deliver the best possible services to your clients. With Caryfy, you'll be empowered to focus more on care and less on paperwork.
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