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About ICWP

The Independent Care Waiver Program (ICWP) is a Medicaid program designed to help adults with disabilities live in their homes and communities instead of nursing homes or hospitals. Here’s a breakdown of the program’s significance for Georgia Case Management Companies (CMCs):

What is the ICWP program?

  • Funded by Medicaid, ICWP provides financial assistance for in-home care services to individuals who meet eligibility criteria.
  • These services can include personal care assistance (bathing, dressing, toileting), homemaker services (cleaning, meal preparation), transportation, and other supports that allow individuals with disabilities to maintain their independence.

Why is ICWP important for Georgia CMCs?

Increased Demand

A growing number of Georgians with disabilities are seeking to live independently. ICWP helps CMCs meet this demand by providing a funding source for essential in-home care services.

Improved Client Outcomes

Studies show that individuals with disabilities who receive in-home care services experience better health outcomes and a higher quality of life compared to those in institutional settings. By participating in ICWP, CMCs can contribute to improving client well-being.

Financial Stability

ICWP provides a source of reimbursement for CMCs for the services they deliver. This financial stability allows CMCs to expand their services and support more clients.

Fulfilling a Social Mission

The core mission of many CMCs is to empower individuals with disabilities to live independently. ICWP aligns perfectly with this mission, allowing CMCs to make a positive impact on their communities.

Features & Benefits (Streamlining ICWP Care with Caryfy)

Caryfy empowers agencies to streamline ICWP care management with features like:

Go Paperless

Save time and eliminate paperwork with Caryfy’s digital platform.

Comprehensive Client Management

Record assessments, hospitalizations, medications, and progress notes directly in the system.

Automated Document Generation

Generate essential ICWP documents like Appendix B, C, D4, D5, F, H1, H2, H3, and I through the Caryfy Pro App for nurses.

Accurate Billing & Reimbursement

Reduce errors with built-in modifier checks and ensure accurate Medicaid and client invoices for cost-sharing.

Streamlined Payment Processing

Focus on collections, not invoice generation, with automated invoices and secure payment options like credit card and ACH with FAPS integration.

Benefits for Agencies

  • Increased Efficiency & Productivity
  • Reduced Errors & Improved Compliance
  • Enhanced Client Care & Communication
  • Streamlined Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

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