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Florida EVV

Revolutionize Florida Home Health Care with Advanced EVV

Empowering Florida Agencies with State-of-the-Art EVV Technology
Navigating Florida's EVV with Confidence
In Florida, AHCA mandates the use of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for personal care and home health services, and Caryfy.ai is at the forefront of this technological revolution. Caryfy's EVV software solution is not just a compliance tool; it's a robust management system transforming the dynamics of home health care agencies.
Tailored for Excellence in Florida
Caryfy.ai aligns perfectly with Florida's open model EVV system, ensuring compliance with the 21st Century CURES Act. Our system effortlessly integrates with key aggregators like HHAeXchange and Tellus/Netsmart, streamlining workflows and Florida's claim submissions for various health plans, including Medicaid fee-for-service, Aetna Better Health, and UnitedHealthcare.
Exceeding Expectations with Caryfy.ai EVV
  • Live-Monitoring: Gain a real-time view of home visits, with alerts for delays and no-shows, ensuring compliance and revenue protection.
  • Claim Denial Prevention: Robust all-in-one functionality integrates EVV, scheduling, patient tracking, and clinical documentation, safeguarding against revenue losses due to claim denials.
  • Simplified Data Transmission: Effortlessly transmit claim-ready EVV data to required aggregators, ensuring smooth operation and compliance.
Why Caryfy.ai?
Recognized for its ease of use and outstanding customer support, Caryfy.ai stands out as the intelligent choice for Florida home health care providers. Our software ensures:

Ease of Use

Start visits with a simple push of a button on any mobile device, seamlessly integrating data into your agency workflow.

Real-Time Monitoring

Live track visits, automatically note delays and no-shows and ensure prompt, accurate billing and payroll.

Comprehensive Care Documentation

Caregivers can access and complete plan-of-care-based visit notes directly within the EVV interface, streamlining their workflow.

Award-Winning Support:

Our dedicated team is always ready to assist, ensuring your agency's smooth operation and growth.

Florida EVV Facts & Implementation
Caryfy.ai fully complies with Florida's EVV requirements, collecting all essential data elements and offering a user-friendly interface for both administrators and caregivers. Our system is ready for Florida's EVV implementation, ensuring Florida's ensuring your agency stays ahead of compliance requirements and operational efficiency.
Experience the Caryfy.ai Advantage
  • Simplified Billing & Payroll: Automated data capture anFlorida’stion for hassle-free billing and payroll processes.
  • Agency Automation: Eliminate outdated manual processes with our automated workflow, enhancing productivity and growth.
  • Ease and Accessibility: Enjoy a mobile-ready platform accessible on any device, ensuring caregivers are always connected and informed.
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