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Georgia EVV

Transforming Georgia's Home Health Care: The Caryfy.ai Advantage

Discover the Future of Georgia's Home Health Care with Caryfy.ai's EVV Solution
Georgia Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) System
Embrace Simplicity, Ensure Compliance
In the bustling world of Georgia home health care, caryfy.ai emerges as a beacon of innovation, making Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) not just compliant but remarkably efficient. Thousands of caregivers have already experienced the revolutionary ease of Caryfy.ai's EVV system. It's more than just meeting Georgia Medicaid requirements—it's about elevating operational efficiency to unprecedented heights.
Experience the Caryfy.ai Difference
Our Home Care Software, embedded with a state-of-the-art EVV solution, seamlessly integrates every aspect of the visit directly into your agency's workflow. This integration empowers caregivers to:
  • Efficiently complete plan-of-care-based visit notes instantly through the EVV interface.
  • Swiftly check schedules, access client information, and engage in secure communication.
  • Benefit from RNs co-signing documentation when necessary.
  • Enjoy live monitoring of home visits with instant alerts for delays or no-shows.
  • Accelerate billing and payroll with automatic EVV data integration
A Seamless Journey from Visit to Billing
Caryfy.ai stands out as an approved alternate EVV system, perfectly compatible with Tellus/Netsmart aggregator, ensuring hassle-free data transmission. Forget the tediousness of re-entering data. Our integrated system means your caregivers focus on care rather than clerical work.
  • Real-Time Monitoring, Real-Life Benefits
  • Live, Real-Time Monitoring: Track home visits live, with instant updates on no-shows and delays.

Efficient Billing and Payroll

Our system instantly updates visits for immediate billing and payroll processing, flagging any discrepancies.

Reduced Risk of Claim Denials

With Caryfy.ai, you're always ahead of compliance, minimizing the risk of denied claims. The caryfy-ai.preview-domain.com Commitment: Efficiency, Accuracy, Simplicity. We redefine homecare with software that is a testament to simplicity and effectiveness. Say goodbye to hours of manual data entry and welcome a new era of efficiency.

EVV: Integrated, Not Isolated

Our built-in EVV means caregivers start their visits with a simple tap. No more juggling between systems or worrying about data entry errors. It's all about focusing on what truly matters - patient care.

Empowering Caregivers, Enriching Care
  • Care Plan-Based Documentation: Directly from our intuitive EVV interface.
  • Complete Mobility: Access Caryfy.ai from any smartphone or device.
  • Telephony Backup: Ensures EVV capture, even without internet.
  • Not Just an EVV System, But a Complete Home Health Solution
Caryfy.ai is an all-encompassing platform covering the financial, clinical, and operational aspects of home health care. Experience a suite of features designed for excellence:
  • Comprehensive Billing and Claims Management
  • Medication Profiles and Interaction Checks
  • Advanced Scheduling, Email, and Communication Tools
  • Robust Payroll and HR Management
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Georgia Medicaid EVV started on October 1, 2021. Be prepared, be compliant, and be ahead with Caryfy.ai