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New Jersey EVV

Caryfy.ai: Streamlining New Jersey's Home Care with Innovative EVV

Empowering New Jersey Agencies with Seamless EVV Integration
Transform Your Home Care Service in New Jersey
Caryfy.ai brings a new level of simplicity and efficiency to Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for home care agencies in New Jersey. Experience the ease and assurance Caryfy.ai EVV offers, ensuring not only compliance with NJ Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services (DMAHS) requirements but also elevating your agency's operational efficiency.
Seamless Integration with Key Aggregators
Caryfy.ai's EVV solution integrates effortlessly with both HHAeXchange and CareBridge. This means no matter the patient's payer – be it FFS/DDD, Aetna, UHC, WellCare, Amerigroup, or Horizon – Caryfy.ai is your universal EVV application, streamlining processes and eliminating confusion for caregivers.
Caryfy.ai's Home Care Software: A NJDHS Compatible EVV Solution
  • Live-Monitor Visits: Prevent revenue loss from no-shows with real-time monitoring.
  • Efficient Billing Automation: Seamlessly transition from completed visits to ready billing and payroll.
  • Paperless & Accurate: Streamline your workflow with a digital Plan of Care-based visit notes.
  • Centralized Operations: Unify all home health care and EVV processes into one comprehensive solution.
Embrace the New Jersey "Open Model" EVV
In line with New Jersey's "Open Model" for EVV, Caryfy.ai offers a flexible solution that captures all required data elements as mandated by the 21st Century CURES Act. Enjoy a system that not only complies with state regulations but also enhances your operational workflow.

Key Dates and Services for New Jersey EVV

EVV is required in New Jersey starting January 1, 2021. Caryfy.ai is ready for this transition, ensuring compliance with a range of services, including Personal Care Assistance, MLTSS Home-Based Supportive Care, and various DDD programs.

Automated Workflow: The Caryfy.ai Advantage

Caryfy.ai's advanced technology offers a level of automation that propels your agency toward efficiency and accuracy. Eliminate manual data entry and embrace a workflow that enhances your agency's performance and client satisfaction.

Integrated, User-Friendly EVV for New Jersey

Our system is designed for ease, allowing caregivers to start visits with a simple tap. Caryfy.ai's integrated approach means no duplicated effort or confusion, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for both caregivers and administrators.

Empowering Nurses and Aides

Caryfy.ai goes beyond mere EVV compliance. It empowers your staff with tools for checking schedules, accessing client information, and completing Plan of Care-based visit notes, all from their smartphones or mobile devices.

A Comprehensive Solution for NJ Home Health Care

Caryfy.ai is not just an EVV system; it's a complete solution for New Jersey home healthcare agencies, covering financial, clinical, and operational aspects. Experience a system that's engineered for the holistic success of your agency.

Why Choose Caryfy.ai?
Make sure to meet New Jersey's EVV requirements; exceed them with Caryfy.ai. Our comprehensive home health software system with built-in EVV features:
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Keep a live check on home visits, ensuring your agency remains compliant and efficient.
  • Streamlined Billing and Payroll: Experience rapid processing with EVV data directly integrated into billing and payroll systems.
  • Reduced Risk of Claim Denials: Stay confident with an EVV solution that aligns with claims processing, mitigating denial risks.
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