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Virginia EVV

Caryfy.ai: Revolutionizing EVV in Virginia's Home Health Care

Elevating Virginia Home Care with Caryfy.ai's Intuitive EVV System
Transforming Home Health Care in Virginia
Caryfy.ai brings a new dimension of ease and efficiency to Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for Virginia's home healthcare agencies. Recognized by countless caregivers for its simplicity, Caryfy.ai enhances their daily routines, making work-life more manageable and enjoyable. Beyond complying with Virginia Medicaid regulations, Caryfy.ai improves operational efficiency like never before.
Advanced Home Care Software with Built-in EVV
Caryfy.ai, in sync with the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) requirements, presents an EVV solution that's integrated seamlessly with our comprehensive home care software. This powerful combination allows Virginia agencies to:
  • Monitor Home Visits: Track and manage visits in real-time, catching delays and no-shows effortlessly.
  • Speed Up Billing and Payroll: Automatically integrate EVV data into your financial systems for faster processing.
  • Ease of Use for Caregivers: Simplify documentation with direct access to the plan of care-based visit notes through the EVV interface.
  • Empower Your Staff: Aides can conveniently check schedules, access client information, and communicate securely with your agency.
Caryfy.ai: A Preferred Alternative to State Solutions
As a certified alternate EVV vendor in Virginia, Caryfy.ai offers more than just basic functionality. We provide a comprehensive management system that not only meets but exceeds the demands of modern home health care.

Seamless Connectivity Across Major EVV Aggregators

Caryfy.ai supports claims-ready data transmission to key EVV aggregators like HHAeXchange, Sandata, and Tellus/Netsmart. Our software aligns perfectly with Virginia Medicaid EVV data submission requirements, ensuring your agency's continuous compliance and streamlined operations.

Embracing the Digital Age with Caryfy.ai

Virginia Medicaid necessitates that EVV data be integrated into electronic claims. Caryfy.ai's sophisticated system captures all required EVV data, embedding it seamlessly into electronic claims for DMAS and MCOs, thus mitigating the risk of claim denials.

Integrated DMAS Forms for Streamlined Compliance

Caryfy.ai includes essential DMAS forms, like DMAS-90 and DMAS-97A/B, within our software. This integration ensures compliance with DMAS requirements while simplifying documentation and care verification processes.

Live-Monitoring and Efficient Billing with Caryfy.ai

Experience the ease of managing your home visits with our live monitoring feature, reducing the risk of lost revenue. Caryfy.ai's efficient billing and payroll system automatically updates visits, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.

Automate and Excel with Caryfy.ai

Caryfy.ai's automation propels your agency towards unprecedented efficiency. Say goodbye to the days of manually entering EVV data for billing and payroll. Caryfy.ai's streamlined process not only saves time but also significantly reduces the risk of errors.

Caryfy.ai: The Heart of Your Home Health Care

Our system simplifies the caregiver's workflow, enabling them to start visits with a simple button press. This integration means no more juggling between systems or dealing with cumbersome data entry. Caryfy.ai is committed to making your caregivers' and administrators' lives easier and more productive.

Empowering Caregivers and Nurses

Caryfy.ai goes beyond EVV. We offer tools for caregivers and nurses to access schedules, client information, and complete documentation efficiently, all from their mobile devices. Caryfy.ai transforms the way care is delivered, placing ease and accuracy at the forefront.

Connectivity and Mobility with Caryfy.ai

Caryfy.ai's mobile-ready, web-based platform ensures that your caregivers can access our system on any device, anywhere. This flexibility improves efficiency and provides continuous care and documentation, even in areas with limited internet access.

Why Caryfy.ai for Virginia Medicaid?

Caryfy.ai stands as a comprehensive, award-winning home health software solution, ideal for Virginia agencies looking to stay compliant and excel in their operations. Our system offers a range of features tailored to enhance your agency's productivity and patient care quality.

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